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Project Manifesto

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I’m still a bit hazy on this whole final project thing we have to do for this class (I should really write down the stuff Prof. Groom says) but I’m writing out this manifesto outlining what my project is going to be. And it’s going to involve Radio DS106 and my own show.
As I told Prof. Groom on Friday I’m of two minds when it comes to this project. On the one side I want to do something amazing that forces me to expand outside my comfort zone. On the other side I’m taking 20 credits and there are only so many hours in the day. So here’s my compromise: Theme shows. For the rest of the semester I will be hosting my normal hour long show but each week I’ll devote the show to a new topic. I’ll also air the show my group puts together in conjunction with a normal half of my show. This ambitious project will start the week after spring break so I can give my regular listeners a head’s up on what’s going on. After that I’ll start with hair metal and who know’s maybe I’ll even do a week on rap.
I will say this though: I’m not going to devote a show to a genre or topic I absolutely hate. And I’m not going to do this every week. This is my last semester as WMWC DJ and probably the last time I’ll ever host a radio show. I want to go out on a bang not on a “Nora completely went off the rails.” Every two weeks I’ll do my regular show and I’m going to continue to announce the week’s releases and if there’s a news story of utter awesomeness that will be included, even during a theme show. Granted this does mean that my listeners will be subjected to at least one week of the Kinks and one week of Glee. The point though is to learn and to inform which I think is the whole point of this project in the long run. Whether people will enjoy is kind of beside the point.
So that’s my manifesto. I don’t know whether my show will air on Radio DS106, but if you’re at all interested in listening to my show it airs weekly on Wednesdays at 7pm over at WMWC Blog. As I said this week will be normal but the week of March 7th will be hair metal and I guarantee I will play the original version of “Don’t Stop Believin’” because I’m awesome. Check it out.

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