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What I’ve done so far, and what I want to do

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So, we’re about half way through the semester, and it’s time to take a look back at what’s been done so far. I really feel like I haven’t been up-to-snuff on a lot of the assignments, and that I get behind really easily. Just from the structure of the class, it’s been really easy for me to neglect assignments because a lot of the work is done online. I’m used to using installed IDEs and other software for my comp. sci. courses to take care of business, and try to avoid getting online so that I don’t waste time on things like webcomics or facebook or things of that nature. I try to keep my focus where the work needs to get done.

With this in mind, it’s been hard for me to try to shift the idea towards using the internet for my homework. Heck, it’s been hard for me to wrap my head around the idea of making and creating art. In honesty, it sometimes feels like a waste of time to do so. I feel like I get the most creative when there is something practical or useful to share with others, though. Like my picture of the ridiculous sandwich I made…I shared that for other people who may have the insane love of food that I do. I took a picture of the flag I made for my Air Assault School because I learned so many lessons there, and I wish I could share the experience with everyone.

Even though it enthralled me, the 4 Icon Challenge took so much time for me (when it comes to drawing, I’m really not great) and it was really a chore. Same thing went for the keanu reeves thing I did. It’s time consuming! I just have trouble finding time for it all I suppose. I’m giving it what I’ve got, and I’ve done a few good pieces. The BTTF Icons turned out really well, and some of my photos from the photoshoot were really good as well. I just wish I had more time to dedicate to try to turn out better quality products.

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