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Decade Radio

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Welcome to the Decades Radio.  Our broadcast will take you back in time to the 1940s, 1970s, the 2000s and then into the future 2030s.  What better way to recall all the important celebrity gossip, world news, hit songs and entertainment reviews then through a witty banter by college students?

For an exclusive preview of the 2000s listen here:

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for the complete edition of Decades Radio! (Compiled by Jessica Masulli, Megan McMillan, and Stephanie Lefferts)


To create the above clip, we first organized the order of the show and wrote a script in Google Docs. This allowed us to all add and edit on our own time. Then we started compiling each section in Audacity.  Originally we tried creating our own mash-up of top songs from the 2000s.  (Including songs like Hey Ya by Outkast; Gold Digger by Kanya West; Umbrella by Rihanna; and Soulja Boi.)  Even using other songs, we spent hours discovering just how difficult it is to create a decent mash-up.   It is frustrating trying to match beats from different genres. We had to settle for an awesome Sweet Home Alabama mash-up already made by MTV. (Listen to the full song!)  Our second mash-up is from a popular TV show and Rap artist….(Check out the complete remix – after listening to our show first, of course!) Each of us recorded one of the speaking sections and we even got our roommate to call in as “Britney Spears.”  We each chose a favorite movie to review.  Can you guess whose is whose?  Our commercial choice was purely by chance.  In throwing out ideas, we got from Sham-Wows to the Slap Chop to Vince Offer (more commonly known as the ShamWow Guy!) to Snuggies to Snuggies for animals.  And hey, why not have a snuggie for man’s best friend?  Yes that’s right, we are encouraging you to purchase a snuggie for you dog….did we sell you on it?!

We will be creating 3 more segments for the final 30 minute show.  The remaining decades will have similar formats but are easily open to creative changes as we research the decades.  You may be asking, where will our research come from for the 2030′s radio?  Watch out, because anything’s possible in the future!

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