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Five Minutes and Counting!

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Hey Guys!
So for our 30-minute radio segment, my group and I decided to focus our discussion on an open ended question. We decided that the best topic to talk about is the parking situation on campus. We figured that this would be most ideal because everyone has something to say about it since it affects the student body in one way or another. Our plan is to interview a variety of students and get their input on how they see this situation. We also had the idea of expanding our interviews by asking the campus police about what kinds of complaints they’ve received and what they’ve noticed about this parking issue. We will be including information on the parking “hot spots” so that students know what parking areas are the safest and where it’s least probable to get your car towed.
Our first five minutes was basically an introduction to what our show is going to be about and we also stated a few open questions for our audience to consider throughout our discussion. We’re trying to follow the guidelines proposed by Glass so that our segment can run smoothly and be as entertaining and fact-filled as possible.
Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy today’s introduction!

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