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Final Project Proposal: Original Twitter Story

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For my final project, I’d like to use Twitter to tell a fictional story. The result would be a little like this project by Megan, but instead of it being a retelling of an existing story, it would be an original work of fiction by me, and instead of it being presented as a single, static, Photoshopped image, each character would have a Twitter page and their communications would tell their story in real time. In addition I would blog screen captures of their tweets along with summaries over the course of the story.

I would accomplish this by using either a Twitter bot I design or a tweet-scheduling service like Twuffer so I can tell the story as it takes place in the fictional world even when I’m not around to tell it. Specifically, I’m thinking about telling a story kind of like The Dionaea House in which characters explore a haunted house. They’ll send tweets about their experiences, tweet each other, and even tweet photos and videos of their encounters.

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