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Final Proposal

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I have decided on a project that I would like to work on for the rest of the semester…drum rollll… I am going to create an intro video for the Bhangra team at Mary Wash. Intro video’s are played before a team performs to obviously, introduce members as well as to hype up the crowd.  This idea has been thrown around within the team for awhile now and because this is my last semester in Bhangra, I want to contribute something that people will remember me for.  (who wants to be forgotten?)

I started my research on YouTube by looking for intro video’s by other teams. One thing I noticed was that a lot of them were composed of typical pictures off of social networking sites and put into a slide-show.  That a good way to make one, but I want to try something different.   

My concept for the video is to have each member randomly perform Bhangra somewhere on campus. Maybe at their favorite academic building or favorite spot on campus ( this can go the other way too).  I want to use actual video in addition to one freeze frame of the individual with their name appearing on that same frame.  I am going to experiment with different transitions and effects to see what fits my concept.  In addition to this, I want to create a Bhangra remix to play along with the video.  I am going to blog about my experience creating the intro video, focusing on any problems I run across, steps in creating that were easy, programs I use and any other useful information I may find through this process.  As a bonus, I might upload a video of the team practicing, if everyone agrees.   

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