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Introducing Espeak

(Open the link above in a new tab and start listening!)

I’ve been experimenting quite a bit with this e-speak program. For those of you
with Linux access, you can type `man espeak` to find out the details. Note that
some of you may have to install it first. Try `sudo apt-get install espeak`.
Or, for you Windows users, try finding it at

You can do a lot with this program, like write the output to a .wav file or
the computer’s speakers directly. There many different voices for different
languages (even several for English), although there are currently only one per
accent. And no female voices, what’s up with that? You can control the speed
of the voice, and the delay between words. It’s a very versatile program, and
reminds me of the speech synthesizer which uses.

I plan to do great things with this for the audio project.


p.s. I’m feeling better.

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