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Idea for Final Project

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First off, my apologies for not blogging for any of the rest of spring break. Though I can assure you, unless you’re interesting in the re-runs of House/The Nanny that I watched, nothing of interest after that first day happened. At all.

Anyways, here’s my idea for my final project. Now, sorry if this sounds lame but I’m going to review and blog about my restaurant-going experience for my project. Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of content involved in this. You see, i’m addicted to eating at restaurants, and (in spite of my budget) will try/frequent everything ranging from fast-food to fine dining to street carts. Lately, i’ve been on a streak of trying new restaurants/ones i’ve never been to before, so I promise to keep the streak going for the project.

So, i’m going to actually focus this project on the food, and hopefully from my posts you all will get a nice idea of what the restaurant serves and what’s good. Or at least, what I thought of the particular dish I ordered. Please take note that i’m not a food critic, so any “review” of the food i’m eating will be from a non-technical standpoint, but hopefully this will be an indepth review with an “average joe” perspective that you can actually use, not some snooty review for a restaurant you can’t afford eating food you’d probably never want to try anyway.

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