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Locked out of YouTube

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I was playing with uploading video to my YouTube account from a hand held device (the video is now featured above) and I got locked out of my YouTube account. This wasn’t the first time this has happened since I had been forced to merge my YouTube login with my Google account. I’d been pushed through this weird loop for a few months now, and it finally came to pass that for the last two days I was locked out of my YouTube account entirely. When I tried logging into YouTube, I just got pushed right back out to a signup page, highly frustrating. Though I could see all my videos (and there are a lot) were still there and eveyrthing looked fine so the account wasn’t deleted or anything, which was all the more puzzling.

I’ve been scouring the web for a solution, and finally came across this forum thread which lead me to a solution here. What this thread lead me to was the page that allows you to unlink your YouTube and Google accounts. I did this after everything else failed, and it worked. What’s more, once I did this I was once again forced to re-link my Google and YouTube accounts—but this time I made sure it was the right Google account (which may have been the issue in the first place—but weird it worked for so many months before final lockout). Anyway, this seems to have solved the problem, which is huge for me. I really didn’t want to lose all my favorite videos on YouTube, which are like gold to me. So anyway, if you have this issue, try unlinking your YouTube and Google accounts, and then re-link them—it may just work.

What’s more, this was a little wake up call for me about just how much I depend upon YouTube regularly, and how I might want to change that a bit with a more sophisticated back up of all my videos, which are in many ways crucial to this here blog.

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