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photo project

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These words are not my own……but the pictures are!

I love inspirational quotes.  They don’t have to be said by someone famous.  Funny, sarcastic, elegant, heard a million times, or virtually unknown, quotes often invoke images in my mind.  Usually the images are pictures that I’ve already taken.  Other times, it is a half formed image of something I’d like to take because I feel it could express the words.  This often leads to me taking more pictures than the average person.  Not to mention, my hobby of scrapbooking is fulled by this combination of expression through words and images.

We’ve all seen greeting cards with an old fashioned image and a quote or the “demotivators” which poke fun at the subject.  And doing the Big Hip Hop design project in ds106 showed that you can create powerful messages depending on the words chosen and image used.  For the rest of this semester, I’d like to create my own line of artwork consisting of images I’ve taken and favorite quotes.  Depending on the subject, I will be experimenting with the final layout….for example, greeting cards, postcards, labels, billboards, or like this first one, just the image.


Image: Outback, Australia; Quote: by Lewis Carroll

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