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I’m Your Dog

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Thanks to the glory of keyword search and random related videos linking, today I found the new theme song for CogDogBlog–

I can hear your toes tapping to this song by comedian Sean Morey, but just so you can enjoy it more, I put some energy into transcribing it.

I am your dog and I think you’re neat
I like to chew on your antiques
I bark like crazy when you come in
Then I make love to your shin
I’m here through thick and thin
I’m your dog

I see your keys, let’s go go go
I stick my head out the window
I jump up on your friends and dance
After I’m done sniffing their pants
I’m just into romance
I’m your dog

If my nose is wet, I’m a healthy dog
If the carpet’s wet, I get the hell out of dodge
I go outside take a crap
You bring it back in, in a plastic sack
What the heck’s up with that?
I’m your dog.

Thanks for the water dish I enjoy it
That’s why I drink out of the toilet
I didn’t mind obedience class
But why do you blame me when you pass gas
(Pfffffft) Humans are so crass
To us dogs

I’ll chase the ball til I’m all worn out
Then I sleep with it in my mouth
Some people think I’m a little obsessive,
But you gotta have fun, that’s my message.
Life is short you know,
when you’re a dog.

If a squirrel walks by, I’ll wake up the town.
If a burglar breaks in, I’ll show him around.
Everyone knows I’m man’s best friend,
Who else would stick his nose in your rear end?
Yes you can depend…
on your dog.

This was part of some serious research I was doing today to put together a set of Dog Songs for ds106 radio…. and found that there were some whacky songs in, of all places, Youtube. Can you dig it?

Rather than snagging the videos and ripping out audio, I’ve gone the taper route, and am recording the Mac output sounds into WireTap Pro, cleaning the ins and outs, and saving as mp3s.

For what its worth, here is the CogDogBlog DogSongSet- links are to YoutTube versions.

Just remember– “But you gotta have fun, that’s my message” – so sing along with me:

I’m here through thick and thin, I’m your dog.

I’m just into romance, I’m your dog.

What the heck’s up with that? I’m your dog.

Humans are so crass… to us dogs.

Life is short you know, when you’re a dog.

Yes you can depend… on your dog.

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