Happy Hour Special Radio Show bumpers for ds106 radio

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Here are our radio bumpers for the Happy Hour Special Radio Show, also from Aztec Hand Grenade.  Make sure to tune into Happy Hour Special at 2 pm on Saturday, March 12th.

Happy Hour Special Bumper 1

Sounds for this bumper were recorded and effected in Audacity as well as a laser sound from freesound.

Happy Hour Special Mean Girls Bumper

This bumper uses a recording from Mean Girls and a song called “Happy Hour” by Cheryl Cole.

Happy hour Special Future Bumper

This ol’ thang uses the audio from a well known commercial that you should really know even before clicking the link. It techy and 80ish so Jim Groom should love it. Score one for Nash Dongwell and Cheeky Hudson. Stay tuned my friends.

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