I hate my voice too.

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As can be inferred from the title the major issue which I had with the radio project was the fact that I think my voice (and to a lesser extent that of my brother) sound awful when I actually have to listen to them as a recording. So, I thought that my contribution was awful even though I was told that it was just fine. I thought my execution was fine though.

The only other major issue was that when I went back to New Jersey for Spring Break I was essentially cloistered away with only my family. I was thus limited to myself, my brother and my sister’s  friend (who was not used in the final recording). I think that I managed acceptably with what I had though I still feel like quite the slacker.

(Shout out for Stacy who did all of the editing work and deserves far more credit than I.)

I might be most proud of the final segment of the show. I say “might” for a number of reasons. One: my voice is atrocious. Two: it is a bit long and others may phase out. Three:  While Stacy, Calvin and I all know exactly what it means the full impact may be missed by some people.

(Yet I am quite proud of the fact that I speak in Broadcast English. Ironic name considering I just did a radio program, no?)

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