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Checking in, looking back at Velociraptoring

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So, I haven’t updated regularly for a couple weeks. That’s only because I was working on the Velociraptor Variety Show with Alex, Nora, and Grace. I got a lot of help from Mauve, Chibi, and Twitterless Boy as well- they are real troopers! I should also thank Titus, Adrienne, Ross, Fuzz, Sam, Reverend, and all the other people who agreed to be voices and characters for our show.

Anyhow, I’m glad it’s over. I could conceivably do more iterations of the Velociraptor Variety Show, but I could not do it as a group project, and I could not do it quickly. I love my group members, but my problem with group projects is scheduling. Now that we’re in college and many of us have jobs and theses and labs and stuff, getting together with other people can be challenging and frustrating. We worked together pretty well as a group, but I, being a morning person, was never at my best when we were able to meet.

I’ll probably post an edited version of the show, with all of the ads and bumpers we didn’t get around to slipping in there.

As for other things, I think I’m going to revise my scavenger hunt idea to include Photoshopping things that I couldn’t possibly photograph. I have some great ideas that would be awesome, but are otherwise impossible without PS. That way, I’ll also learn something about the program- a program which I’ve been too lazy to figure out until now.

I’ll probably have another photo posted by Tuesday.


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