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Awkward Moments

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This was the title of our radio show. While putting together this show, I quickly realized that I have no idea how to work with audacity. Since I was recording stories from my friends in a game chat room, some how the settings on my laptops built in mic got changed. When I tried to record music and sound effects in the background of our main story all I got was a bunch of feedback. After trying to fix the deafening squelch, I simply gave up.
At the beginning of this project, I truly hated listening to my own voice. I was so embarrassed. After re-recording so much, I finally was able to accept my horrible radio voice. I was so desperate, that at one point I tried to download a voice over software which was junk and just didn’t work. Overall, making a radio show is very time consuming and rather difficult when you don’t know how to use the software. I enjoyed hearing some of my friends silly stories, but I am definitely not radio material.
To start the project off I just basically came up with a storyline and topics. Then I narrated that information and got my friends to tell goofy stories in between. I also matched up songs and sound effects with each segment, but unfortunately could not get my mic to work correctly for this part. If their was something about this project I could change, it would have been the timing. I am an adult student, but most students at UMW do not live in the area and go home on break. This is perfectly understandable, but most are going to choose family and friends over homework.

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