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ds106 Final Project

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ok, so i’ve been doing quite a bit of brainstorming over the past couple weeks about what i want to do for my final project. I think that my favorite portion of the class was the audio segment. i’m really into music (who isn’t!?) so i thought i should record a song. i decided that to make a ds106 rap song (exact title still on the way..) that will touch on every topic of the class and maybe poke a little fun at the subject. i’m going to make all the music by downloading loops and recording my own voice rapping lyrics that i will write on my own. i had no idea what ds106 was going to be like when i signed up. i’m glad i took it of course but i’m making this rap for any future student who is considering taking this class (hopefully it will encourage them to sign up!). I will keep everyone updated on my blog as to the progress i’m making. good luck to everyone else on your final projects!


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