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Look What I Found at Goodwill, Internet

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So, I’ve decided on what to do for my final project and it is none of the ideas my first brainstorm post came up with.


Hauling videos.

Yes.  Hauling videos.  Those awful, hard to watch videos with girls talking into the camera telling the interweb about what they just bought.


Dear god, they’re awful.  I have yet to get through a whole one.

So why do this?  Because I will limit my shopping to Goodwill and thrift stores.  Because then I can find gems like this:

Sadly I did not buy this.  A friend I was with proclaimed that it looked like diarrhea.  This made me want to try it on.  Too big.  Damn.

I’m sort of limited with the tech available.  I don’t have a webcam in my computer but I do have a digital camera.  I might try using that to make a video.

I have no experience making or editing videos so this will be a big learning process for me.  If anyone has any tutorials they want to point me to or some (safe and free) software I can download for editing (I use a PC, in case that’s important), the advise would be much appreciated.

First video should be up next week.

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