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fking radio.

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okay, so, my title’s a little intense… I’ve been EXTREMELY frustrated this entire assignment. Not about the actual assignment itself, just about how much of a pain the process has been. I had a personal family issue and had to leave town for a little bit, and both my group member and I decided to start recording stuff on our own, so that we could combine it when I got back into town… this turned out to be a disaster. We both had the same theme, but our projects were completely different (obviously uniqueness isn’t a bad thing, it’s just hard to combine two things that sound nothing alike). We decided we’d try to work it out, anyway, and then struggled for the next two hours with trying to import and export, copy, re-record, etc. In the end we just decided that at this point it would be best to just turn in our two separate projects (since they basically were two completely different projects from the start) rather than continue to fight with it miserably. It’s just frustrating because if we had gone about doing it on our own from the beginning, we would have both had it turned in on time, and saved ourselves the wasted time of struggling, only to result in failure. Ugh. Regardless, we both got them turned in, and I think both of our final products hide the pain we had to go through to get them to that point. I’m not actually that disappointed with the end result, it’s just hard to feel good about it when the process was as awful as it was.

p.s: my inspiration for my little advertisement came from a picture my mom sent me that made me laugh. (This week has been stressful for numerous reasons, not this project alone). I wanted to share it for 2 reasons: 1) I didn’t come up with it on my own, and 2) in case any of you are feeling overwhelmed this week, hopefully it’ll make you laugh, too. :)

Reviews on other peoples:
There were some phenomenal radio broadcast… the intense/funny zombie shows, and the one focused on commercials were the ones that caught my attention, although they were many that seemed to have A LOT of effort put into them, and turned out flawless in my opinion (esp. for inexperienced students). I give props to those who really got into this project and captured it for all it was worth, there were definitely a lot of awesome finished products!

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