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What better occasion to talk about Delicious’ demise and Yahoo’s foul sale than ds106?s latest assignment. In my last post I told myself (and a few have agreed through Twitter) that there is no reason why some crowd of people cannot raise the money and buy Delicious from Yahoo. I really think it as a Quixotesque entreprise, but one which may produce a Delicious for the people and by the people, a Delicious which may even be able to inovate further, not only in social bookmarking per se but in other areas as well, like analytics for instance. So, how do we do it?

Meanwhile, here is my assignment, in which I remade (through that wondrous add-on called Firebug –which I discovered thanks to ds106!) the newspage from The Guardian that told the story about Delicious. I had a really nice time doing it, and I learned something about CSS and HTML as well.

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