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What I came up with

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As I was working on our latest assignment, I ran into a few problems.  Luckily I did not panic.  At first, I did not remember how to locate the aspects of the page I wanted to change.  When I did remember (right click- Inspect Element) I took my time to change titles, descriptions etc. Then I guess I accidentally clicked on a link and it was all gone in an instant. (:() So I started again, being extra careful not to click anything on the page.  What annoyed me was when I was typing a new description, I would see some of it change on the page–then it would stop showing up. I click out of the editor and my work would be gone.  Then I had to constantly scroll to find where I left off to begin again.  This took me the most time.  Posting the link was a problem for me, I think Ako had the same problem as me.  So we both sought help from Jim Groom.  Right now I’m adding both screen shots of what the site looked like before and after I edited it.  This is just for now though.  This is the after screen shot.  This is the original.  But the funny is in the description, which you can’t see, so sad face.  So you’ll have to wait and see it when this is done right.

P.S. Thanks Ako for your help!! :)

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