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Mash It Remix It

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After reading Melanie McBride’s article, it made me really think about how the education system is forced to limit what students do. They’re only able to allow students to go but so far with remixing and mashups and it limits the learning process. Students would learn so much more if they had the access to do any extra-curricular project they wanted by using the school’s equipment and copyrighted material, otherwise, it’s limiting the student’s equipment and material they can use.

I feel like in this day in age, there is access to any material that has been published onto the web, thus making it not necessarily an assault on originality because they posted their creation into a space where billions of people can see it. I think everyone should “tag” the link to what they used to make their remix/mashup, thus crediting the original person, but there’s no way to limit the access to billions of intellectual material that people put online. I think there should be a harsh punishment for people who don’t credit the original creator (giving someone who didn’t know a slight break), but really punishing the ones who have done it more than once.

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