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Ok everyone, I heard horror stories of how long it took to complete the assignment for video voice over.

I hope this software will save you some time on mash-ups:
Check out VideoSpin

You can bring in all types of codecs into the studio, and it breaks the movie into small clips to begin with

Click and drag video clips (already pre-divided by the program) into the area for your new video
-> you can drag multiple clips at once! it maintains the same original sequence

Click and drag the ends of clips to adjust or clip off portions at the beginning or end of the clip.

Click and drag in the audio portion of the clip to adjust the volume of the clip.

Easy to use interface allows you to navigate to find and import video clips, sound effects, music/audio tracks, etc.

Write out files in many formats once you’re done editing!

I did the whole assignment in about 3 hours with minimal difficulty. It did most of the work for me : D

Action Shot:

SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

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