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Ever After

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For my commentary video I chose the film Ever After staring Drew Barrymore. This is definitely one of my favorite films, for one reason because of the intelligent and passionate language.  I was happy to find that the movie was available on YouTube since I, surprisingly, do not own a copy myself.  However, after I had downloaded it and opened it in iMovie, I discovered that the quality is really crappy.  Luckily, I was working in the Mac Lab on campus and Jim Groom was helping a few of us PC users figure out the controls of a Mac, who came to the rescue by contacting someone in the school library to find out that the school owned a copy and would bring it up in 15minutes. Score!  We used MacTheRipper to Rip the DVD to the computer which only took about 20minutes.  After that finished, I had to find the.VOB files that actually contained the movie.  Then I used the MPEG Streamclip thing called Squared 5 which allows you to cut up clips as much as you want.  I found it really easy to use.  I also had never used iMovie before.  But after playing around with it some, I really got the hang of it. It took me however, about 4 straight hours to cut up all the clips I wanted, import them into iMovie and edit them and put transitions in.  The next few days I thought about the story I really wanted to tell and flushed it out.  Doing video commentary to tell a story is a lot harder than I had imagined.  Various commentaries that I have listened to of some great movies, like Pirates of the Caribbean staring Johnny Depp or even She’s the Man staring Amanda Bynes, provide a fascinating insight about how the movie was made or personal experiences during a scene.  Having neither of those capabilities to bring to my commentary, I decided to talk about what I enjoy about the film and why I think it makes a great movie.  I hope you enjoy watching what I’ve put together and then afterwords will want to watch the movie Ever After in its entirety.


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