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“Imagination Going Crazy, Man!”

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So the end is pretty much near. I mean what more is there after tv? 80′s karaoke video channel? I can hear the music too Jim/Tim.

Well, I guess there is the nightly news which will be happening because there is nothing else it can do but happen. This is the ds106 media takeover. This is the ds106 adventure into the future of learning management systems. We will take over schooling all across the world. Give us the media and we will point it in the right direction. Give us the microphone, the video feed and we will share our understanding and our souls with anyone willing to listen. Give us the electricity and we will use it against the walled buildings and the crumbling system. This revolution will be syndicated and streamed and rebroadcast into every willing/unwilling ear. This is the Radio ds106.

I have nothing to say. Frickin Awesome!

Wow, that was weird. A little Clash, a little Dalton Trumbo, and a little historical Revolution Syndication ala Tim Doom.


“The whole TV thing is just trippin me out.”

So if you are up for a wild 12 minutes here you go on ds106tv. What could be next?

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