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Eagle Bhangra Intro Vid

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I have been working on creating an introduction video for the bhangra team as my final project assignment.  One of my close friends is helping me with this.  We have created a list of all the different video and camera shots we would like to take. 

 For example: we want to film the team practicing somewhere on campus,  individual members around campus- walking out of a door, getting food from the nest  and random shots of members on campus dancing to bhangra   group shot where we pan across the team members sitting in a circle  (its kind of difficult to explain the types of shots since I don’t know the proper vocabulary for video and pictures shots…I can look into this and add some terms to my next update)

We also compiled a list of songs to use in the video.  ( We were at the nest one day just listening to bhangra music and figuring out what dance moves to perform with the music…so much fun!!)  Finally, we would like to include a logo for the team in the video, so we asked another member if she could create one.  On the agenda this week, we plan  to shoot the scene ideas we have thought of.  It will be really time consuming, but hopefully a lot of fun!!

I believe that is all for now.. thanks :)

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