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Gory Late Night Flick: MACHETE

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So, since I figured all the Coen Brothers movies have probably been dissected to death, I decided to do a film that appeals to my more base inclinations. I had a couple misgivings; much of MACHETE is probably a lot like what Kubrick had in mind when he conceived ultraviolence, but I think (hope) it’s tongue-in-cheek enough not to completely turn off the uninitiated. I like to think this movie, while paying heavy homage to the B-movies and exploitation films that inspired Grindhouse, achieves quite a bit of artistic merit in the process and injects a bit of wit into the action genre, which is typically considered rather low-brow, while still retaining, in extensive supply, the original elements that make the action genre so brain-cell-killingly captivating.

While I have not (yet) received any notification about this three-scene compilation being taken down for copyright infringement, I was totally shut down by YouTube’s content restrictions when I tried to get a code to embed it in my blog, so, unfortunately, I’ll have to link to it HERE. I ran into a minor, but time-consuming setback when, the first time through, most of the movie’s audio was inexplicably ripped in French, despite my not being able to locate language selection as an option in MacTheRipper. The second time, some of it ripped in all Spanish and, trust me, it’s not easy to tell by skimming through this movie for the scenes you want if the characters are supposed to be speaking Spanish or not. Hope you enjoy!

Machete artwork: sketchesnatched.tumblr

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