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The media evolution of ds106 is progressing, first it was free form ds106 radio, now we have a free form tv station, what is next? Major kudos to @timmmmyboy for getting it going.

I took my first crack at live broadcasting today, using Wirecast to publish to the site. It’s been a while since I played with Wirecast, and once you sort out were the stuff is, you can sit back amazed at the sophistication you (not yet me) can do. I managed to make a title strip, add my icon, switch from live video to a still to a video, and swap in the desktop presenter.

On testing, I found it useful to use the broadcast setting that saves as a local video recording.

What is slick about is how it automatically archives footage. If you log in within 2 weeks and make a highlight of a clip, it stays permanently (a highlight is as simple as marking an in and an out point). And then there is a one button upload to YouTube, where I sent my little show from today. I did a little walkabout out on the back deck and around my yard here in Strawberry, AZ.

I did have a snafu with audio- now I know that I need to create an audio shot in a lower numbered layer, so the mic is on all the time. Its a bit cramped having wirecast and the desktop presenter going- I set the latter to use just a browser window, but I had to squeeze it down 50% to fit. I also did not know I needed to log in to the account to set the status, so my live stream when out as “LIV from my Android Phone”.

Tim has done a great job in documenting the tools- see How to Broadcast


We have a TV station on the net, it’s crazy, eh?

I think someone needs to mashup Jim Groom with this video and call it “ds106 Video Killed the ds106 Radio Star”

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