Mashup Possibilities

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So far, I’ve had three ideas for a mashup possibilities. As follows:

1. I considered mixing clips from Martin Scorsese movies to just include swearing and gunshots. Youtube videos by That Guys With The Glasses that were going to be helpful but it seemed like an awful lot of editing.

2. I considered mashing up brand names and their logos, going along with what we’ve been talking about in class this week but I found out that this guy already did a really awesome job so check them out.

3. I then moved on to Leonardo DiCaprio. I am still thinking about about putting together clips of him over his career as he grows up. Over these clips, i was going to play applicable songs as he aged (Baby, I’m A Boy, Young Man Blues, Midlife Crisis, Old Man River). Seems good to me so I might still do it.

No one steal my idea.

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