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Despicable Mashup/Remix :P

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After a whole lot of brainstorming and working, I’m now done with my mashup/ remix assignment.It has been a long day for me but thank God it’s all over now.

I got the video from youtube and downloaded it using fastest youtube downloader. Luckily for me, there was one with no audio, so I downloaded that and did all my work in Windows Live Movie Maker. I also got a couple of songs from youtube , converted them to mp3 using and edited them¬† in Audacity to clip out the unwanted parts. Now it was time to save my project, I had to get a youtube account in order to upload it there, it took about an hour to upload it on youtube but when it was time for me to grab the embed code, it wasn’t there. I didn’t know what to do so, I decided to get a vimeo account and it was pretty simple unlike youtube.¬† After I got my account, I uploaded it and fortunately this time the embed code was there and here it is;

Untitled from Grace Sey on Vimeo.

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