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Nothing Makes You Appreciate ds106 Like a Research Paper

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So, I’ve already done my mash-up assignment. I’m a selective overachiever, I guess. By which I mean I have a research paper that I pretty much need an A on due Tuesday, so, naturally, I’ve spent all day doing everything I could to avoid working on that. My first idea was “Where the Wild Wild Things Are,” which I’ve wanted to do since before this was assigned. I was watching Where the Wild Things Are one morning and thought it would be funny if that was combined with the 1998 Kevin Bacon classic, Wild Things. I downloaded both trailers and it all sort of just fit together. The Where the Wild Things Are trailer is clips of the movie set to twee music with frames about hope and fear and adventure breaking up the video. I thought it would be funny to keep the Wild Things trailer mostly intact, as it is everything you could ever imagine a trailer for a 1998 erotic thriller about a torrid love affair between a teacher and two of his high school students would be, but replace the sound with the nostalgic, lighthearted Arcade Fire track of the former.

The final result doesn’t necessarily have any discernible narrative structure and there are some places where I should have kept some of the sound from Wild Things, just to make this whole thing make sense, but I think it’s hilarious and a little disturbing and probably really perverted, considering I’ve framed a pretty, shall we say, mature, movie about a crazy illicit affair within the context of a beloved children’s classic. Oh well.

Where the Wild Wild Things Are from Jordan Kroll on Vimeo.

AND THEN, I decided I hadn’t procrastinated enough and the first one was so much fun, that I made another one! For this one I combined the 8 Mile and Green Mile trailers (My thought process for this seems to be something along the lines of, “Which movie titles have a word in common…”) into the “Gr8 Mile” SuperTrailer that almost has a plot. I wanted to do a better job of using elements from both movies for this one, so I’m not sure if all of my edits are necessarily the best choices, but, overall I really enjoy this one as well and I don’t think it’s just because I’m going through a major Eminem phase. The sound in some places is a little off because I tried to have the song going throughout, but also keep some of the dialogue in an attempt at establishing a plot.

Gr8 Mile from Jordan Kroll on Vimeo.

I’m actually planning to do a few more of these because they’re so easy and really entertaining (at least for me), but I suppose those will have to wait until later in the week, once this paper is done.

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