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Final Project: Chapter One

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Here’s my first installment of my final project. The pictures used were for Daily Shoot assignments 448-454. All images were found on flickr with CC licensing. For image credits, mouse over the images for the poster’s Flickr name.


Her alarm went off, startling her awake from the same dream once again. She’d been having it for weeks on end and it seemed like she’d never figure out what it meant. It was always the same- she would wake up in a strange, white padded room with no windows or even a door. Suddenly the floor would drop out from under her and she’d fall for what felt like forever, hitting the floor with a loud and painful thud.

Looking around she would find the entrance to a hall and think, “Finally a way out!” By now she already knew the outcome- the hall would lead to a never-ending series of doors, no matter which one she opened or went through she would just find more doors. She made her way to the shower to prepare for another long day and let the hot water pound away the aches from another night tossing and turning.

Turning on the TV, she was surprised to see that the weather man was right for once and, as promised, another two feet of snow appeared over night. Eventually she made her way to the car and turned the ignition, after several tries it turned over and rumbled to life. “I’ve gotta get a new car- this piece of shit isn’t gonna last much longer.”

Slowly she made her way to work being sure to stay within the path carved out of the ice and snow made by the tractors that crawled along the highway like earthworms pushing their way through the dirt. Sitting down to her desk she sipped her coffee- she enjoyed the way it almost burned as it ran down her throat. It felt good to feel pain, to know she was alive.

Sometimes she felt like she was standing on the edge and about to be pushed off. What she would give to feel carefree again and enjoy life- to feel the sun on her face and a warm, gentle breeze. She though back to how things used to be when she was younger and spent her summers in Savannah. All she had to worry about was racing her old dog Chevy back home for dinner. For the first time in months, a smile slowly crept across her face- but didn’t last long.

In a matter of seconds her world was thrown into darkness as the power went out. She felt her way through the drawers of her desk to find her flashlight, thinking to herself, “Great. Put another fabulous day down in the books. You just can’t win, can you Charlotte?”

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