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daily commute mashup

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Originally when I thought about what I wanted to do for my mashup, I figured it would be something with pictures and photoshop.  However, I was having trouble doing something I liked. I created some creepy mix of aladdin and jasmine as Mr. & Mrs. Smith (the movie).  After watching some of the examples of videos with music mashed up, I realized that a movie mashup would not be as difficult as I was expecting.  The in-class group assignment also helped me realize that video and audio are a lot more easily compatible than I was expecting.  I got the idea for mixing Brian Regan’s comedy skit and the intro to the movie Office Space (obtained through Martha Burtis’s help!!! thanks!) because I had recently been traveling back from Philadelphia and got stuck in some traffic which made me think of the movie.  I know a mashup is supposed to be, usually, 2 things that you wouldn’t normally think are compatible but the mashup makes you view them in a different way that works.  And whereas the audio from this particular comedy skit isn’t too far fetched from the scene in the film, it gives a slightly different context to the film. (Very different than the ‘gangster’ music playing).  I hope you enjoy!

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