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When Florrie Takes Over, a mashup

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For my mashup, I ended up taking the instrumental track of “When Love Takes Over”originally by David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland and combining it with the acappella vocals of two tracks (“Panic Attack” and “Call 911″) by English singer-songwriter Florrie.

I first heard about Florrie on Her “Introduction” EP is one of the best things I’ve ever downloaded. If you like good pop music, especially anything by Girls Aloud or produced by Xenomania, or you need a good soundtrack of upbeat and amazing songs to get you through exam week next week, I highly suggest you check out Florrie. “Summer Nights” is my favorite song on the EP and “Left Too Late” is drop dead gorgeous.

I’ve been working on this mashup since Tuesday evening in Audacity and this is the tenth “take” on the track. Every so often, I would export the track and put it on my MP3 player and listen to it while I was walking to see if it worked. As I listened to the takes, it seemed that it sounded better when I let the chorus just be the piano mostly, which I think follows the assignment and changes the feel of the song from sort of a anticipating dance stomper to something more bittersweet and chill by letting the piano beats be the “ticks of the time bomb.”

When Florrie Takes Over by Call_lean

I hope it does Florrie justice and I send her a million thanks for letting me use her acappella tracks. If you want to listen to other remixes made by fans or make you own, you should go here.

In case you haven’t heard the original version, here is “When Love Takes Over.” The instrumental track that I used isn’t as crisp in the piano as this one, but I still think it is pretty nonetheless.

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