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POWER TREK: Star Trek + Power Rangers

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I realize this isn’t as original as I had hoped it would be. ¬†However, once I’d started the photoshoping, I felt the need to change the image.

The final results:

Two rangers prepared to save Spock from a ranger gone zombie.

Let me name the characters by series name form left to right: Spock (Star Trek), Allison MacInnis (Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue), Zach Taylor and Kimberly Cranston (Both form Power Rangers Mighty Morphin).

A zombie attack. Yes, I had to look up their names because I only remembered Kimberly's.

On this image, Spock and Captain Kirk ask for help from the Power Rangers [Mighty Morphin] to defeat romulan devil, Nero.

Power Rangers to the rescue!


I chose Star Trek and the Power Rangers because I thought it would be a great combination. I should warn you now that I’m not a trekkie – I’ve only ever seen the 2009 film with Chris Pine and Zachary Pinto. Yet in that film they were fighting the evil force that was Nero. The rangers are also heroes that defy space, gravity and all things real in order to save the day. I grew up watching them and wanting to be one of them, so I figured why not make it a mash up.

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