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My latest creation for my final project is a Pokemon Card! I used the assignment on the Design page called Pokemon Card and I paired it with the word “Discovery” from the Scavenger Hunt. I thought this word would suit the assignment because Pokemon cards are all about discovering the powers that each Pokemon has and all the different types that exist as well as who their friends and opponents are. Of course, these aren’t the things that I put on my card. Instead, I followed the design made by the person who submitted the assignment and pretty much just based my type of information off of his. I chose to write my “Type” as giggly because I laugh a lot and then the “Description” included information on me being a picky eater. Whenever we go to restaurants I always ask for pretty much half of what’s on the meal to be taken off. I don’t like any condiments or salad ingredients and everyone always makes fun of me for that. My favorite color is purple and I love purple shoes which is why the girl in the picture is wearing purple shoes and why I chose that to be my Pokemon name :) I thought the whole assignment was pretty comical and the fact that it’s kind of similar to a real Pokemon card but with a twist makes it even more enjoyable to create. :)

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