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The Keepers | Chapter 6: Claustrophobia

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Chapter 6 Summary

Lizzy continues her search for Amy refusing to sleep. Evan and Kelly offer to continue the search in Lizzy’s place while she rests. Evan believes he’s found evidence of someone else in the house when he records a knocking sound in the hallway upstairs. Kelly’s flashlight goes out while she’s in the basement and she decides to go home for the night. On her way out she discovers the door is shut again and this time she can’t open it. She starts to panic and Evan rushes to the door and tries to open it. Kelly describes an event similar to the earthquake occurring in the basement, which Evan attributes to a claustrophobic episode since he doesn’t feel or hear anything. Kelly claims to see Cruz running past. Despite Evan’s objections she follows him into what she describes as a trapdoor. There she finds herself stuck alone in a small, pitch black space. She becomes even more disoriented and complains that her phone is about to die. Evan frantically tweets Lizzy for help. When she wakes up he asks her to bring a hammer. Kelly begins to succumb to her claustrophobia and seems to accept her fate as she tweets her last words to Evan.

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