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Here are more soccer players..
(p.s. Ann is not one of the players…forgot to mention that in the last post)

The guy whose face is right above the soccer shoe, his name is Jinsoo but I heard some people just calling him “Walter.” He is also from Seoul, S. Korea, and came here when he was about 10. He is a freshman here majoring in Business. When I asked him what is the first thing that he does as soon as he gets up in the morning, he said he reads newpapers while drinking a cup of coffee…(emphasis on coffee) I personally think this is not true…(he’s cool though lol) Along with his major, he also mentioned that he will be getting a CPA soon once he gets out of school. Lastly, He sees himself getting married within 5 years (believe it or not). As a side note, he currently does not have a girl friend. hint hint wink wink.

The other guy who is making a funny face, his name is Alex and he was preaching at the fountain near seaco the other day so one of you guys may have seen him before. He is one of the most religious people I know so far. Just like Jinsoo, he also studies Business and sees himself possibly getting married within 5 years or be single forever. For Alex though, it seems much more possible that he would get married within 5 years because he has a girlfriend and I think they have been dating for awhile. Anyway, like I said, he is really into Christianity so he will probably join a seminary later in the future.

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