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To the future whiners!!!

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I first heard about this class when I was studying with my friend Ashley at the library. I remember she was a little late because she had just got out of a session of this class, I asked her why she was late and she said I had a class; DIGITAL STORYTELLING 106 . She recommended it to me and even told me to take it with Prof. Groom.  When it was time for me to register, the class was full. I couldn’t understand why it filled up so fast but now I do know why, because most of the people who signed up are SENIORS. I started emailing Prof. Groom and started praying about it because I really wanted to get in the class, why? I have know idea but now I do. This class has taught me so much,like editing audio, turning a stereo track into a mono track, creating ads, taking beautiful photos,I could go on for a long time but I don’t have to because you’ll find out soon. Enough chit chat about me, now to you, future cry baby;

If you want to learn more and get out of your comfort zone, I recommend you take this class but if you are lazy, here comes a truism DON’T REGISTER FOR IT OR DROP IT IF YOU’VE ALREADY REGISTERED!!! I’m sorry for saying that out loud but that’s the truth. This class is much fun and also makes you learn more stuff you can use in your everyday life. I’ve been studying about atoms since middle school, ask me when am I ever going to meet one? DON’T KNOW YET but for the stuff you learn in this class, you can actually see it happen in your everyday life. Don’t you use facebook all the time? yea so there’s this section in the class called WEB STORYTELLING and what you basically do is to change stuff on a web page, well you can manipulate a friend’s page and make it your own. How cool is that?

The last thing I’m going to say is to go to class everyday because you’ve paid for it , whenever there’s an assignment given and you need help, you can ask the Prof. because he’s real cool and is always willing to help. This is how I’ve survived this semester as a member of the DS106 family. I know you can also do same, you just have to be a hardworker.


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