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Alex Goot

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Here is another incredible youtube genius. Alex Goot makes his own beats and instruments for his songs or the cover of his songs. HIs voice in unbelievable and the collaborations he has done are amazing. He has come out it and E.P. called “Song I Wish I Wrote” which are all covers of songs from artist today and he also writes and composes his own songs. He is currently not signed to a record label, but he needs to get signed fast. He has made many videos on youtube which all have over 1 million views. Alex always seems to put his on flair when he records songs, whether they are originals or covers.

I copy and pasted his about me page on youtube because everyone should see what he is really considered truthful about music and what he does.
About Me:
I live in New York and I make music.
Everything you see + hear on my page was produced and put together by me (essentially – a kid in a basement).
This means that if you buy something from my iTunes artist page or merch store, 100% of the money goes to my next cheeseburger or slice of pizza.
I am extremely grateful for every single one of you who watches + supports my videos – as long as you keep doing that, I’ll keep making ‘em.

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