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Audio Project:TripPlaylist

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Please, please, please forgive me on this. Because I’m about to make one of the laziest moves DS106 has probably ever seen. For one of my 2 projects, (this will qualify as audio), I came up with the idea of turning my portion of the radio show project we did way back when (The portion of that show that I contributed was the roadtrip radio soundtrack) into an audio assignment.

So: here’s the general concept of the assignment: Create a vehicle-trip themed (boat-themed, plane-themed, roadtrip-themed) playlist that would go well with the type of cruisin’ that you’re doin’.

The hardest part of this project, interestingly enough, was finding downloadable mp3s of the songs that I wanted that weren’t fake (I had to settle for “Sweet Home Virginia/Happy Birthday to some guy” instead of “Sweet Home Alabama”). Next, I had to make good transitions between the songs (using static-like sounds from a free sounds site), and editing the songs/sounds together. The theme was also challenging, since I tried to make the songs create a linear-route from California to New York (Sweet Home Virginia screwed me). Overall though, I was very happy with the end result.

As a future possibility/for anyone doing this project, I think that a road trip playlist on another continent would be fun, especially something international. For example, for Continental Africa you could definitely throw in some baba yetu by the Soweto Gospel Choir and waka waka by Shakira feat. Freshlyground. Both songs would be for South Africa, since Soweto is from Soweto and Freshlyground is from Cape Town. RadioShow

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