Buy the ticket, take the ride.

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Dear Future ds106er Steve Perry,

ds106 for life. you will here this many many times over the course of the semester. it will be imprinted in your mind like the multiplication tables or the pledge of allegiance. you will think that jim groom is crazy. you will know that jim groom is crazy. you will wonder

where he got all these crazy internet friends that are the same crazy as him. you will wonder if they actually even exist. you will curse cpanel, photoshop, imovie and audacity. you will curse al gore for inventing the internet. you will curse rebecca black.
ds106 is best taken with a small glass of water, a shot of whiskey and a do not resuscitate clause. to succeed, you have to buy into the ds106 theory. drink the kool-aid, subscribe to the preaching. partial cooperation will only get you so far and will make you all the more uncomfortable. the more invested you force yourself, the higher quality your work will be, and there will be more of it. forget that your physical body even exists and devote your time to solely nurturing your cyberbeing into maturity.

3 rules for success:

1. have no qualms about embarrassing yourself.
2. use the kiss method (keep it simple, stupid)
3. save all your passwords (pen and paper work well)
buy the ticket, take the ride. you should know what you’re getting in to.

-nash dongwell

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