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Advice for Future ds106ers

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Dear Future ds106er,

I want to start this off by saying, I would highly recommend this course to anybody!! This is one of those classes in college that really teach you things that you can use even after you have left that class. I came into this class knowing little about what the internet offers for us. At the end of the semester, I can say that I have learned from simple to some pretty difficult things!

Getting started was a tough process, but after getting over that part you are good! Setting of the domain and the web host was a little hard, but Jim Groom is really helpful with anything! Also, tutorials are provided for almost anything, so there is no way you can get “stuck” on an assignment. I will admit, though, that there were many difficult assignments in this class, but you are given a reasonable amount of time to complete them. A good piece of advice is that when Jim says to start an assignment early, he means it. For example, there is a video essay assignment which is time consuming because you also have to learn the program. When working on it, it may take hours! That being said, we were given a good amount of time to work on it, so I can’t complain.

Taking this class online was great! It especially makes it convenient for commuter students. Although it was an online course, you can get in contact with Jim Groom very easily, especially because this whole class is on the internet! There are sooo many ways of communicating, as you will be introduced to in this course.

So if you like photography, any social networking site, movies, t.v., or basically anything that deals with technology…or actually anything you like, this is the class to take because it lets you choose what you want to create. For example, you are given an assignment to create a commentary on a movie. YOU choose the movie, YOU choose the scenes, and YOU choose to create it the way you want. We are given guidelines, but you get to use your creativity and your ideas to make something so different! Along with that, you get to watch others create their work as well by following their blog. I really recommend this class to everyone, you will learn skills that you wouldn’t be able to in many other classes!!


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