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Restaurant Review: Thai Aubergine

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As promised….my next (and unfortunately…final) restaurant review is in vlog form!

Couple things first though:

1st: Sorry I was chewing and talking for the first few seconds. I honestly didn’t notice it happening at the time, but from a viewer’s perspective, it’s kind of gross.

2nd: This was in 3 parts, because I filmed it using the front-facing camera on my itouch, and for some reason when you try to send videos from your itouch to yourself via email, it a. restricts the size of the video you can send (so you can only send small pieces at a time) and b. might not be retrievable once sent via email.
This sort of ruined my plans to splice the 2 clips together (good thing there were only 2) into a cohesive vlog. And my only other option was to post directly to youtube from the itouch (which ended up working).

Lastly, Thai Aubergine is a relatively new (about a year old) Thai restaurant located in the Cosner’s Corner shopping center on route 1 south of UMW. This is honestly one of the best/one of my favorite Thai restaurants and it’s the 2nd time I’ve been since they opened last year. Last year, the place was packed when we went, but for some reason this past weekend, we were the only ones in the whole restaurant. I don’t know if it was just a slow night, or if things had changed drastically since the restaurant opened. One thing I can assure you hasn’t changed is the quality of the thai food.
And without further ado:

Part 1


Part 2



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