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The ds106 99: #30 A Transgender Infographic

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Charlie Rocket was not in ds106 this semester, but he was one of the course’s pioneers last Spring, and he still has the homepage and blog to prove it :) This semester he took Zach Whalen’s “Writing through Media” course, and they were charged with creating an infographic. (Writing through Media is another awesome digital media focused course here at UMW that frames the experience for creation and reflection as part and parcel of a student’s framing of their online identity through critical praxis). Charles had the following vision for his infographic in this post about the project:

My goal for this project was to create a small overview of what transgender means, as well as to hit the tip of the iceberg with the rights and protections that transgender people have while highlighting how common it is. There is very little research on transgender people, so it was difficult to find reliable sources.

And you know what, he nailed it, and you can see that for yourself here:

Click image for larger version.

Image of transgender Infographic

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