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*I don’t get why the pictures look so long but I couldn’t really figure out how to make them look normal…

These guys are from UMW soccer team in which two of them are former captains.
Matt, the guy on the very left, is from New Jersey and he said his hobbies are “picking up chicks (lol), playing video games, listening and creating music.” He sees himself working at Wall Street (his dad currently works there) or coaching soccer. His ultimate goal is to “live to the fullest.”

Another Matt in the middle, he is from Connecticut and his hobbies are playing soccer and doing art stuff. He is probably going to go to grad school in the next 5 years and his ultimate goals is to “be happy and to fall in love.” :)

TL on the very far right, he is from Maine and he said his hobbies are “ceramics and playing sports.” He sees himself traveling in the next 5 years and his ultimate goals are to “live to the fullest and experience as much as I can.”

This is my final post!!!
I still can’t believe I’m graduating within like 10 days…..
Hope you guys (those of you who are not graduating this May) enjoy the semesters here at UMW and for those of you who are graduating…wish you guys the best and good luck with everything!!! Have a great summer!!!

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