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May Story a Day #12: Tell a Story in Five Frames

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For another hurry up and post story, this is an example of the flickr group Tell a Story in Five Frames, where you have to submit to the group discussion a single post with a title and 5 photos that… tell a story. It is in the vein of my Five Card Flickr stories, but of course here, you get to choose the images.

This is a great exercise in being creative within constraints and making a message with mainly photos, and honestly, tough to pull off well (I cannot claim to ever have done a great one). The group moderator is pretty critical!

Today, I posted what was a series of images I took form some folks doing some sort of team building activity on the Cambie bridge in Vancouver. Technically, the first shot was actually a different group of people than I observed later on the bridge.

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We Can Out Charade Those Redshirts


Amazing Racer

One Word

Swims Like...

You Got It

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