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Northern Voice 2011 Tour Diary, Part 5

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Soundlab  – Friday, May 13
Walk to @draggin’s, where the bbq is in full swing.  Jason’s garden has asparagus that needs grilling (pick those and eat ‘em already, Jason!), freakishly tall strawberry plants, and lemon balm in abundance.  Author’s Note: I would love to try gardening in this climate, though tomatoes might be difficult? Finally get to meet @jimgroom face to face, which is a great moment, and get to spend some time talking with @sleslie (about the idea of generous musicians), @brlamb (about the overwhelming experience of meeting all these amazing people in person), and @giuliaforsythe and @kylemackie (nerding out over LOTR).  The Cakeman™ proffers cake.  Bundle of unrestrained joy GNA laughs, loudly, and everyone is happy.  Jim keeps saying “Noise Professor!” with his awesome accent.  Inside, @draggin is DJing – it’s his birthday after all – and people are dancing and laughing and singing karaoke and broadcasting to #ds106radio and carrying on.  Glass is broken, food is consumed, and I learn about Fireball, which is cinnamon whiskey and which I have never seen before.  Spend a fair amount of time just sitting and staring at the wall – the whole business is a little overwhelming.  At one point I get into a really heavy and depressing discussion with @giuliaforsythe and @wendyfarmer about the state of higher ed in the state of California, and then feel remorseful for being such a buzzkill.  As the festivities wind down (Jason reminds us that it’s a marathon, not a sprint), Jim and GNA and I walk back down toward the hotel.  We stop at 7-11, where GNA gets a sketchy hot dog (!), some Cheetos and something to drink, then on to the Waldorf for a cab (for Jim) and sleep for me.  Grateful for all these wonderful people.

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