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Northern Voice 2011 Tour Diary, Part 6

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Northern Voice Conference, Day 2 – Saturday, May 14
Wake up, shower, and board the bus for UBC with @DrGarcia.  Interesting city sights, one act plays through the bus windows – squatters on the upper floors of ratted-out buildings, prostitutes in handcuffs, old neighborhoods and hillside architecture, sirens and commerce.  Meet up with the conference folks at Blanket Fort West, grab a little lunch, then attend a session to learn about @mikhailg’s video assessment project.  After that, @CogDog’s session is inspiring, and everyone takes a picture of someone they don’t know, except @DrGarcia, who spaces on the prompt and takes a picture of the wall.  8(:) I get to watch @giuliaforsythe draw in the way that she does – no dread whatsoever.  After a short break, it’s time for our #ds106radio4life presentation, and we march in like fucking heroes, like Mardi Gras Indians, like Carnival, ushered in by the clear ringing of silver trumpets, all neon sacred rattles and flower petals and jingle bells, undoubtedly annoying the presenters and audience from the prior session, who haven’t yet vacated the room.  @grantpotter and @mikhailg have #ds106radio samples playing, and the room is bubbling with energy as we launch into the presentation, some of us at the front of the room, some of us in the audience.  PROTOCOL is mentioned, and I get to say a little bit about it.  Jim is on fire as usual, and the audience is with us and it is beautiful, with @scottlo closing the deal from the Japan.  Afterwards there are cheers and hugs and good feelings.   We exit the hall, triumphant.  The conference proper feels like it’s winding down, and I feel relief for @brlamb, who is one of the prime movers for this whole NV endeavor.  Grant and Jason and GNA and I head off for the bust stop, talking about concerts and music on the bus ride east.  Everyone needs a nap, so we go our separate ways.  I’m starving, and head down to one of the eateries in the hotel to order more of that seared cheese, plus a couple of rolls, another cheese/nut/fruit plate, and a hearty lentil dish.  Witness the meal! Barkeep helps haul the meal up to the room, and pegs my accent as California.  Who knew?  I end up stashing an extra roll and some cheese and nuts for later.  Now full, it’s time to shower and doze a bit, then hit the bottle shop and off to the studio.

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