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Go big or Go Home – 23 May 2011

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Decided my route plans for this week weren’t aggressive enough.  Maybe they were after all, but I ran further today anyway.  My initial plan was to work my up to a 13.5 mi. run by the end of the week.  Instead, I completed a 14.1 mi. run today.  We’ll see how much I can progress.

First 3.5 miles were waaaay to fast, but pretty epic nonetheless.  I averaged a 7:02 pace for that distance from my place to central park on fall hill avenue, and knew that for the distance I was going I had to slow down.  I’m glad I did.  I had 3 tremendously ridiculous hills throughout my run, beginning, middle, and end.  Fall Hill was the first, followed by Rt 1 South, then Sam Perry Blvd by the hospital.  The last was the worst.  I felt so dead.  I’m just glad I didn’t do it earlier in the day; I couldn’t have made it.

The route:

I’m on a drug called Patrick Connelly.

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