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Ira Glass on Story telling

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It was cool to see the recipe for radio and the correct way to get the best story on the radio. Ira talks about anecdote and how to build a story to create suspense and to show a sequence of events. Old time radio did this to create a story in your mind of what to see. I like the bait that Ira says you need. You sure need to make sure the listener to keep listening when you keep giving the bait. Reflection makes sense because I need to know why I am listening or I will not ever go back to the station I was listening to.

     I think finding a decent story has to be hard. What I think is interesting is different from what others think. I am sure the key is to find something that is interesting that others can confirm is an interesting story. It’s funny how Ira mentioned failure and how Michael Jordan talked about succeeding through experiencing failure and we watched that documentary on advertising and mentioned failure and Michael Jordan. I agree that you want to make memorable stuff because you want the impact of your story to be something that you can look back on and take a look at it again to measure how it was or how it grew from the first time it was introduced.

     Ira continues to tell the truth about how it will not be a first time success of story telling and that struggling and failure is guaranteed and working through that struggle is only going to make you a better story teller. I think it was cool that Ira played some of his early work and how her developed from age 19 and where he is now. I think it is cool that Ira saw the real story of Mexicans eating worse than others who get the better food they produce when at age 19 he was not telling that story.

     Ira was cool to admit and show his mistakes when starting his craft. I think that is great that he was able to see what went wrong than to think he was always doing it the right way. Ira seeing where he needed to get better landed him a national radio show. I think that is hard work that has paid off.

     Ira seems to bring up the obvious in how to tell a story and how to talk to people when you think it’s harder than what it really it. I guess it’s the delivery that is the art form to story telling. I see it as telling the same joke someone else has told but if you mess the punch line or the middle of the story, the joke is not funny.

     Ira seems to capture how to talk to others and how to give another person a chance to tell a story and to build the drama that is needed. I think that is pretty cool. We all like to tell our stories.

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